Meet our Great Credit Racers

We've named our 12 Great Credit Racers! At the starting line, each participant has a credit score of zero, a Visa credit card with a $500 limit and the goal to work their credit score as high as possible in six months. The participant with the highest credit score at the finish line wins $500. And everyone playing wins by establishing great credit. » Meet

Race updates

After First Place Tie, Two Vie in 30-Day Great Credit Race Run-Off!

Dupaco’s inaugural Great Credit Race officially ended on March 15. Although the race has ended for most, there is a tie for first place. Lucas H. and McKenna G. are both in first place with the same credit score.

Who Will Take Gold in Dupaco’s Great Credit Race?

Coming into the homestretch, Dupaco Community Credit Union’s inaugural Great Credit Race could prove to be a photo finish.



Establishing great credit

Keeping score

Whether you like it or not, banks, credit unions and credit card companies want to label you with a number—your credit score score is like your money hotness rating. » More

Debt is not evil

Consumer debt has been vilified by the media, but did you know that using debt wisely can actually get you way ahead in the long run? » More

Credit you deserve

Did you know that credit unions are member-owned financial cooperatives that provide savings, credit and other financial services to their members? » More




Get ahead. Join us!

At every stage of your life, you need to make important financial decisions. From investing lemonade-stand profits to funding retirement, your needs and objectives change. That’s why we’ve developed a full lifetime of services, designed to fit you and your needs. Join Dupaco Community Credit Union today and we'll get you started on the road to building great credit. It's easy and almost anyone in the Dubuque area can join. » More